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2022 Drummond Barstool Races

2022 Drummond Barstool Races

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Racers, This year we have backup equipment should we experience rain ever again and an icy hill like last year. After investing in the hill behind the Black Bear only to then relocate out of necessity and construct a new hill from snow (thank you WINTER 2023), we are working on our "forever" hill.  The new race hill will be in Drummond Lake Park and will be twice the length of our makeshift hill last year, We will have a divider mound and racers will ultimately end up in Racer Village, where you will be shuttled back to the top for your next race. Expect big things this year and thank you for being a part of our fundraiser!  

As seen on ESPN, this Northern Wisconsin event hosts racers from all over the US who are competing for prize money, trophies and more importantly--bragging rights. The 2024 Dirt & Sno-Jacks Bar Stool Races will be held on February 17th, at Drummond Lake Park.


We are Bayfield County's biggest Winter Darty!! (Day Party with music, food, beverages, dogsled rides, kids  sledding hill, raffles and plenty of great racers)! The event is the Birkie of Bayfield County--ok, we are nothing like the Birkie.: 1. we know how to have fun without breaking a sweat 2. while drinking our favorite beverages and 3. WE DO NOT WEAR SPANDEX !  There is plenty of parking for cars (including shuttles) and snowmobiles (Drummond Lake parking).   


We even bring out Bayfield County's only stoplight for the day!