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1. Gravity power ONLY- Remember Isaac Newton? 
2. One bar stool, mounted on two skis and one helmet on your melon with chin straps!
3. Minimum height of stool with skis attached is 27 inches.
4. Maximum outside width of skis at their widest point is 18 inches.
5. No outriggers of any kind.
6. No ribs or cutters.
7. Maximum width of individual ski is 5 inches.
8. Minimum width of individual ski is 2 inches.
9. Length of ski is open.
10. Composition of ski is open.
11. All race sleds must be inspected by Race Committee prior to the race.

1. Push off from Start Line at the starter’s signal.
2. Push zone is 23 feet long (approx. 7 paces). You can push yourself or you can
have a pusher. This is your option.
3. Rider must ride the stool sitting down, in drinking position, butt on top of the
stool, and feet not touching the ground.
4. Rider must be seated on the stool, the pusher must not be touching the rider or
the stool as the stool crosses the foul line at the end of the push zone.
5. No show on the Starting Line when called forfeits the race and the entry fee. 6. Helmets are REQUIRED.
7. Team members must be at least 16 years of age and sign a waiver of
8. Interference with another racer forfeits race.
9. Once a team is entered, no substitutions or sharing of team members or barstools
is permitted. *

10. Securely fastened helmet with chin straps is mandatory!

1. Pusher and Rider must both be females.
2*. A stool may be used in both the main race and the Powder Puff race.
3*. Team members may compete in both the main race and the Powder Puff race.

4. All other race rules as listed above apply.

1. If you can sit on it and it will go down the hill, you can race it. 2. Sled must be gravity powered only and must be on skis.
3. All other race rules as listed above apply.
Bar Stool Race Rules.  
1. Crossing the push line before the green light is on will result in disqualification
2. The pusher crossing the start line will result in disqualification
3. Crossing into the other lane during the race will result in disqualification
4. Racers will be disqualified if, at any time during the race, the feet touch the track, unless
both racers touch the ground.
5. If both racers crash, racers can get back on the barstools. Racers must be sitting on the
barstools. At this point, it is allowable to put your feet down to propel the barstool across
the finish line, but the racer must be sitting on the seat, or they will be disqualified.
6. Riders will be disqualified for racing without a helmet. If the helmet comes off in a crash,
it must be put back on and strapped before the racer continues racing.
7. The finish line judges will have final say in determining a winner of each race.
8. If the finish line judges cannot determine a winner, we will re-run the race
9. Racers must make sure they understand the results of the race before they leave the
bottom of the track. Race results cannot be altered once the next race is run.

10. Spectators and/or racers are not allowed in the announcer’s booth.

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